The virtual agent, the solution for productivity and incoming call management

Virtual agent

Absorb 100% of the requests

Unlimited pickup

Our virtual voice agents greet your customers immediately, whatever the call volume, 24/7. Reecall conversational AI identifies the contact and the reason for the call, in natural language.

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Absorb 100% of reecall requests

First instance

Reecall absorbs 100% of the flows, handles recurring issues in an automated manner, and distributes complex requests to the right people.

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Reecall intervenes when your team is unavailable, and outside of business hours.

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Distribute topics intelligently to your team

The efficiency of your support is closely linked to the relevance of the assignments. A ticket that is well qualified, then well referred, will have a shorter resolution time and a more relevant treatment.

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Smart tags

Reecall identifies the nature of the request and assigns a tag to each ticket, contact or action. Artificial intelligence learns on a daily basis and constantly optimizes the relevance of these tags for your business.

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Transfer Modes & Assignment

Reecall is able to transfer a request live to one of your collaborators by specifying the context ("hot" transfer), or asynchronously in the form of a reminder ticket. Depending on the subject, reecall identifies the right contacts or workgroups to distribute the flow in an optimal way.

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Automate low-value calls

A low-value call is a request that can be handled automatically while generating maximum satisfaction.

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Integrations and processing scenarios

This deep processing is possible thanks to reecall's great interoperability with your tools and databases.

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Available integrations

Smart FAQ & collections

Automate the processing of recurring questions with no integration required thanks to our **FAQ.** management module
Reecall thus takes charge of all the subjects you have identified, gives a confidence score, and participates in the enrichment of your knowledge base.

smart faq reecall

Boost the productivity of your employees

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Automation and DO IT FOR ME

Increase your team's processing capacity tenfold with the "do it for me" feature.

Reecall identifies the repetitive tasks of your teams and offers them semi-automated actions.

Increase and collect satisfaction

Knowing what your contacts think about the work of your support team is essential.

Reecall allows you to collect these reviews at the end of the conversation.

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Save valuable human minutes and create a neutral collection environment.

Observe the change in satisfaction following the arrival of reecall in the team.

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increase and collect customer satisfaction reecall

Calculate your ROI in the first week

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Transform your customer experience with Reecall's intelligent virtual agent

To keep pace with current trends, integratingtechnological innovations into your customer service strategy has become essential. At Reecall, we've combined our expertise in artificial intelligence and customer relationship management to develop a highly effective virtual welcome agent for your website. Discover how our revolutionary solution can transform your automated customer service, optimize theuser experience and propel your business into the digital future.
Our team also offers a web switchboard service.

What is a virtual hosting agent for a website?

A virtual assistant (chatbot/callbot), also known as a virtual agent, is a technological solution based onartificial intelligence that automates and optimizes customer relationship management. It is a virtual machine that, with the help of advancedalgorithms , can understand and respond autonomously to a multitude of user requests.

Our intelligent virtual agents are designed to deliver a personalized and efficient user experience, eliminating the usual wait with a human interlocutor. While capable of handling a wide variety of basic requests, a virtual reception agent is also designed to identify and transfer complex inquiries to a human representative, guaranteeing an appropriate response for each request.

Thanks to the AI and technological advances developed by Reecall, you have access to intelligent solutions that are capable of constantly learning from each interaction to continually improve their performance. What's more, the Reecall virtual agent is available 24/7, providing constant assistance to users at all times.

Usingvirtual agents to welcome and take care of your customers on your website has become common practice in many sectors. It offers more effective customer relationship management and a significantly improved user experience. What's more, it enables your company to gain in efficiency, reducing response times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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How does a chatbot/callbot work?

At Reecall, our virtual assistant (chatbot/callbot) is an intelligent greeting agent that functions as an advanced conversational agent, using learning algorithms to automate customer interactions. It's a marvel of robotic technology designed to enhance the customer experience by offering 24/7 virtual assistance.

Essentially, our chatbot is a computer program combined with AI performance that can engage in conversations with users using text or voice commands. It is designed to understand user queries, respond instantly, and even anticipate their needs based on previous interactions. This intelligentvirtual assistance technology can dramatically improve customer service, while freeing up your team's time to focus on more strategic tasks.

Our chatbot is also a powerful tool for relationship marketing. It can interact with your users throughout the customer journey, collect valuable data, and help personalize the interaction to improve customer engagement and loyalty. Whether you're an e-commerce company looking for ways to improve virtual contact, or a B2B company looking to optimizecustomer engagement, our virtual agent offers a solution that's right for you.

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The capabilities of our virtual assistant for websites :

Thevirtual agent for websites developed by Reecall is a remarkably powerful tool with a wide range of capabilities that can transform the way a company interacts with its customers:

- 24/7 interaction

A virtual agent is available at any time of the day or night, offering continuous support to customers regardless of traditional business hours.

- Customer relationship management

Virtual agents can answer questions, help solve problems, guide users through processes and even recommend products or services, enhancing the customer experience.

- Handling multiple requests

Our virtual bot can handle a huge volume of requests simultaneously, which is impossible for a human.

- Instant answers

Our conversational agent responds instantly to customer requests, eliminating waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction.

- Machine learning

Virtual agents use machine learning to constantly improve their interactions by learning from every conversation they have with customers.

- Easy integration

The Reecall virtual assistance solution can be easily integrated into existing websites, social networks, messaging applications and other digital platforms.

- Data collection

Virtual agents can gather valuable data on customer preferences and behavioral trends, providing useful insights to improve marketing and sales.

- Customization

Our intelligent virtual agent personalizes interactions based on past customer preferences and behavior, delivering a more personalized and engaging experience.

Reecall's virtual welcome agent is more than just a customer service tool: it's a global solution for transforming your user experience and optimizing your processes. 

By capitalizing on the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, we help you anticipate your customers' requests, respond more effectively and personalize every interaction. So don't wait any longer: improve your customer relationship management with Reecall's virtual agent.

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