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Reecall raises €3M to transform customer experience with conversational AI

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Guillaume Laguette
Guillaume Laguette
Chief Marketing Officer - Reecall
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Reecall raises €3M to transform customer experience with conversational AI

Reecall announces a €3 million pre-series A round of funding from Newfund, Kima Ventures and Evolem. This round of funding will enable Reecall to deploy its conversational AI and customer experience automation service on a large scale. This disruptive innovation brings a series of unprecedented promises for businesses and thus allows them to ensure an optimal customer experience, automate incoming requests on a large scale and drastically reduce their processing costs.

Reecall continues to grow in France where it covers more than 10 industries. European expansion and the development of new functionalities will also be priorities, including real-time prediction of customer reaction and the enrichment of conversations between humans.

Reecall's ambition is to make conversational AI and customer service automation available to all companies that want to make their customer experiences a source of growth.

Conversational AI within reach of all companies

Customer service is still seen as a cost center when it should be thought of as a source of profit, its action being directly linked to customer retention and growth. The "Self Care" trend represents an opportunity because more than 2/3 of customers prefer not to use a human contact to solve their problems. Yet less than 15% of customers achieve this result.

This issue is on the way to being resolved thanks to conversational AI. However, current solutions are costly, complex and time-consuming to implement, allowing only large companies to implement them. For this reason, Reecall has developed a service that can be up and running in a matter of hours and offers immediate results.

Transform the customer experience and reduce costs. The Reecall Promise

After 3 years of research, Reecall has developed an artificial intelligence capable of understanding customers' intentions and providing them with a contextualized and enriched response in natural language. Reecall's algorithm has been designed to adapt to all industries, allowing it to solve problems as diverse as making an appointment, changing an order or declaring a theft.

Companies can resolve up to 70% of their inbound requests without using their contact center. The result: an improvement in the Net Promoter Score for the end customer. For Reecall users, this allows for a reduction in costs: On average, a ticket handled by an AI costs half as much as a human handling while guaranteeing a constant and accurate response. The motivation of the teams is also reinforced because the human agents are solicited on complex requests.

Companies such as Devialet, RentaCar, Rocket School Carlili or Siblu villages trust Reecall.

Reecall has partnered with business tools such as the VoIP telephony company Aircall to accelerate the implementation of the virtual agent.

Before the end of the year, Reecall wants to deploy the enrichment of conversations between humans and accelerate the integration with business tools (ticketing, crm, telephony).

"Reecall was born in the field to answer a simple need: Make every conversation a source of growth. After 3 years of close collaboration with our customers, the constant increase in demand and success rates among our users show that we are in a new phase: conversational AI is now the solution for all companies that place satisfaction at the heart of their strategy.

Maxime Trouche, Founder and President at Reecall.(maxime@reecall.co)

"With its scientific team and a commercial execution that has enabled it to sign large customers, Reecall is inventing the world of voicebots. Any user can voice chat with a robot that will handle over 80% of requests in less than 5 minutes and leave the other 20% to customer service. Users are more satisfied and customer service is more efficient."

Augustin Sayer, Partner at Newfund

"A product-focused team that addresses a strategic mission for any company: reconciling growth and customer satisfaction through artificial intelligence, focusing humans on high-value tasks."

Thomas Rival, Partner at Evolem

About us


Reecall is a 20-person start-up, based in Lyon and Paris, whose ambition is to enable every company to transform its customer experience into a source of growth. Since 2019, Reecall has been automating the management of inbound calls thanks to its proprietary conversational AI. Over 600,000 minutes of conversations have been managed by Reecall. The power of its algorithm allows it to understand callers' requests and achieve up to 70% resolution in real time. Automated scenarios integrated with business tools allow to go beyond the conversation. Reecall's ambition is to develop a service that transforms each conversation into a source of growth.

For more information: www.reecall.com

For press inquiries: Guillaume Laguette, guillaume@reecall.co


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