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Frequently Asked Questions

How does natural language processing work?

NLP (Natural Language Processing), or TALN (Traitement Automatique du Langage Naturel), is a technology at the confluence of artificial intelligence and linguistics. It consists of automatically analysing sentences formulated by a human in order to make appropriate decisions.

How do I set up my switchboard with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic telephone switchboard functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human switchboard operator. It interacts with its callers, answering their most simple requests and redirecting them to a company employee if necessary.

How to set up a dynamic FAQ with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic FAQ functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human agent. It interacts with its interlocutors, answers their simplest requests and can send the corresponding articles by email or sms (e.g.: a password reset procedure).

What is Conversational Artificial Intelligence?

Conversational AI is a form of artificial intelligence that is designed to simulate a human conversation. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as chatbots on websites, voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, and conversational robots used in customer contact centers. The goal of conversational AI is usually to provide assistance or answer users' questions in a natural and intuitive way.

What is the difference between an IVR and a virtual agent?

Virtual agents can simulate a more natural and fluid conversation with users, which can be more pleasant for users and help them feel more comfortable using the service.
Virtual agents can be programmed to understand a wider range of questions and instructions, which can make them more flexible and useful in complex situations.
Virtual agents can be continuously updated and improved, providing a better user experience as technologies evolve.

How can the virtual agent create a space of trust with the caller?

Our expertise in the sphere of confidence (first 30 seconds of the call) allows us to obtain a 97% rate of complete conversations. The caller is informed that a virtual agent will take the call. The level of conversation fluidity can be better than a human because the virtual agent is directly connected to the data the customer needs.

How can I optimise my customer service with Reecall?

The implementation of a conversational agent allows your customer service to handle 7x more requests. The benefits can have a positive impact on the company's financial health (increased turnover or reduced costs).
Our clients also see an improvement in customer relations and a renewed motivation of support teams whose time is allocated to complex tasks for which they are indispensable.

What is the difference between Reecall and an Interactive Voice Service (IVS)?

Unlike fixed systems such as interactive voice response (IVR), natural language understanding can handle an infinite number of cases while ensuring improved responses to callers. From a technical point of view, you do not need to set up complex scenarios because artificial intelligence is able to understand intentions and adapt its response.

What is a callbot?

A callbot is a computer program designed to simulate a telephone conversation with a human. It is typically used in call centers to answer frequently asked questions from customers and to provide basic information. Callbots are often designed to be easy to use and can help companies manage their time and staff efficiently by reducing the number of phone conversations an agent must handle.