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Real estate

The productivity and inbound call management solution for real estate companies

Ensure seamless customer satisfaction with your 24/7 virtual agent. Optimise your productivity by creating customised scenarios connected to your own tools.

Reecall solution : Real estate industryReecall solution : Real estate industry

Become as fast as your customers.

Whether from tenants or homeowners, real estate related issues are often urgent and need to be resolved quickly. By integrating customized scenarios, Reecall allows social landlords, real estate agencies or professional syndicates to ensure an immediate response regardless of the volume of incoming calls.

A voice virtual agent or conversational chatbot can benefit the real estate industry in several ways:

  1. Automated inquiry response: The virtual agent can automatically respond to common customer inquiries, such as property availability, pricing, or rental terms. This frees up time for real estate agents and allows them to focus on more complex tasks.
  2. 24/7 availability: The virtual agent is available 24/7, allowing customers to ask questions or make requests at any time.
  3. Improved customer experience: the virtual agent can be customized to provide a smooth and natural conversational experience for customers. This can help them feel more comfortable and better understand the process of buying or renting a property.
  4. Data collection: the virtual agent can collect data on customer requests and preferences, which can be useful to better target offers and improve the customer experience over time.

In summary, the use of a voice virtual agent in the real estate industry can improve efficiency, availability, and customer experience, as well as collect useful data for the business.

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Taking care of customers, a critical mission facilitated by Reecall.

Real estate

We don't always have the possibility of answering all incoming calls and Reecall allows us to do two things: to avoid the customer going straight to voicemail, and to take information before the call back. This allows us to prepare our call-backs, and sometimes to give the customer an almost immediate response. The ease of installation with the Reecall service. The many automation features.

Laureline B.
Laureline B.
Customer Service Manager, Neonomade

Most frequent use cases for Real Estate.

Don't miss out on any growth opportunities.

Ensure 24/7 availability to your customers and never miss an opportunity. Whether it's a booking or an appointment, our customer service automation tool allows you to manage requests, changes or cancellations without human intervention.

Reecall reservation managementProductivity reecall

Improve customer satisfaction and control support costs.

Reecall helps control support costs and relieves pressure on teams by automating large volume use cases. FAQ, knowledge base and progress questions can be managed without human intervention while ensuring customer satisfaction. More complex scenarios such as support procedures can also be created while being integrated with your internal software.

Productivity reecallProductivity reecall

Don't miss out on any growth opportunities.

Reecall improves the performance of sales teams by automating the management of incoming calls. Pre-qualification of requests, quotations and partnership requests can be managed automatically so that your teams can focus on customer relations.

Availability reecallAvailability reecall

Knowing the satisfaction of its customers to better act.

Reecall's automated CSAT allows you to track customer satisfaction after each incoming call. You can create customized scenarios based on the responses, allowing you to monitor the evolution of the customer relationship.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is an indicator of the satisfaction of a company's customers. It measures the quality of the customer experience based on different criteria such as quality of service, speed of response, relevance of responses, etc.

Voice virtual agents, also known as voice assistants, are computer programs designed to respond to customer inquiries in an automated manner. They are often used by businesses to answer common customer questions and provide basic customer service, without the need for human customer service.

Conversational AI improves the customer experience by making voice virtual agents more effective and natural in their interactions with customers. By using conversational AI, virtual agents can understand and analyze the context of conversations and respond in a more natural and tailored way. This allows customers to feel more understood and cared for, which can significantly improve their satisfaction.

In addition, conversational AI allows virtual agents to adapt to individual customer preferences and needs, which also helps improve the customer experience. For example, if a customer needs a quick and accurate response, conversational AI can tailor its response accordingly to best meet the customer's needs.

In sum, conversational AI is a very useful tool for improving the customer experience through voice virtual agents. It allows companies to respond more efficiently and naturally to their customers' requests, which can help increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction reecallCustomer satisfaction reecall

The virtual agent connected to your tools

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How does natural language processing work?

NLP (Natural Language Processing), or TALN (Traitement Automatique du Langage Naturel), is a technology at the confluence of artificial intelligence and linguistics. It consists of automatically analysing sentences formulated by a human in order to make appropriate decisions.

How do I set up my switchboard with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic telephone switchboard functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human switchboard operator. It interacts with its callers, answering their most simple requests and redirecting them to a company employee if necessary.

How to set up a dynamic FAQ with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic FAQ functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human agent. It interacts with its interlocutors, answers their simplest requests and can send the corresponding articles by email or sms (e.g.: a password reset procedure).

How can the virtual agent create a space of trust with the caller?

Our expertise in the sphere of confidence (first 30 seconds of the call) allows us to obtain a 97% rate of complete conversations. The caller is informed that a virtual agent will take the call. The level of conversation fluidity can be better than a human because the virtual agent is directly connected to the data the customer needs.

How can I optimise my customer service with Reecall?

The implementation of a conversational agent allows your customer service to handle 7x more requests. The benefits can have a positive impact on the company's financial health (increased turnover or reduced costs).
Our clients also see an improvement in customer relations and a renewed motivation of support teams whose time is allocated to complex tasks for which they are indispensable.

What is the difference between Reecall and an Interactive Voice Service (IVS)?

Unlike fixed systems such as interactive voice response (IVR), natural language understanding can handle an infinite number of cases while ensuring improved responses to callers. From a technical point of view, you do not need to set up complex scenarios because artificial intelligence is able to understand intentions and adapt its response.