Inbound call automation for sales teams

Improve the performance of your sales team with a virtual agent integrated with your CRM.

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Don't miss out on any growth opportunities.

Reecall improves the performance of sales teams by automating the management of incoming calls. Pre-qualification of queries, quotations and partnership requests can all be handled automatically, allowing your teams to concentrate on customer relations. See also our automated customer service tool.

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Taking care of customers, a critical mission facilitated by Reecall.


We have saved a lot of time in customer service. Reecall is really very practical, especially for reservation modification requests (more than 180 this month) because we don't want to have this type of request by phone (time consuming and without added value). We had a major computer breakdown a month and a half ago and Reecall enabled us to manage peaks of 1000 calls/day.

Alexandre Ben Bayenne
Alexandre Ben Bayenne
Customer Service Manager, Carlili
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The onboarding of reecall as a virtual employee has made us more efficient on a daily basis. The agent qualifies requests with precision and dispatches the subjects to the relevant employees. The tool helps us to identify priorities and to deal with them more quickly, in a relevant manner.

Alexandre Vallin
Alexandre Vallin
Chief Innovation Officer, Pentalog Group
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I like the fact that the agent is adaptable to the needs of the company. Reecall has become indispensable because it allows us to handle calls that used to go to the answering machine, which represented a loss of transformation

Moussa Diaby
Moussa Diaby
Director, ABACUS
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The virtual agent connected to your tools

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How does natural language processing work?

NLP (Natural Language Processing), or TALN (Traitement Automatique du Langage Naturel), is a technology at the confluence of artificial intelligence and linguistics. It consists of automatically analysing sentences formulated by a human in order to make appropriate decisions.

How do I set up my switchboard with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic telephone switchboard functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human switchboard operator. It interacts with its callers, answering their most simple requests and redirecting them to a company employee if necessary.

How to set up a dynamic FAQ with Reecall?

Reecall can perform automatic FAQ functions in an intelligent and embodied way, like a human agent. It interacts with its interlocutors, answers their simplest requests and can send the corresponding articles by email or sms (e.g.: a password reset procedure).

How can the virtual agent create a space of trust with the caller?

Our expertise in the sphere of confidence (first 30 seconds of the call) allows us to obtain a 97% rate of complete conversations. The caller is informed that a virtual agent will take the call. The level of conversation fluidity can be better than a human because the virtual agent is directly connected to the data the customer needs.

How can I optimise my customer service with Reecall?

The implementation of a conversational agent allows your customer service to handle 7x more requests. The benefits can have a positive impact on the company's financial health (increased turnover or reduced costs).
Our clients also see an improvement in customer relations and a renewed motivation of support teams whose time is allocated to complex tasks for which they are indispensable.

What is the difference between Reecall and an Interactive Voice Service (IVS)?

Unlike fixed systems such as interactive voice response (IVR), natural language understanding can handle an infinite number of cases while ensuring improved responses to callers. From a technical point of view, you do not need to set up complex scenarios because artificial intelligence is able to understand intentions and adapt its response.

Reecall's customer relationship management solution: An evolution in customer service

At the heart of an increasingly competitive market, customer journey management has become a major challenge for companies. The need to personalize customer relations, enhance thecustomer experience and respond effectively to their expectations, requires the implementation of a well-defined CRM strategy and the right tools. This is where Reecall comes in, your partner for an optimized customer relationship management solution.

Customer service automation : The future of commercial relations

As a company specializing inartificial intelligence, Reecall has developed a customer relations solution based on automation. Our automated customer service software handles the entire process from order taking to delivery tracking. By automating these steps, our customer support software enables us to manage customer relations more efficiently and accurately.

‍Automating customer service offers a multitude of benefits. It saves time, optimizes human resources and improves the quality of customer service. What's more, our customer relations solution gives your company the ability to manage a higher volume of interactions, while maintaining a high level of service.

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Personalized customer experience and optimized return on investment

One of the keys to success in customer service management is the ability to offer a tailor-made, individualized customer experience. Our customer management software has been designed with this objective in mind: to personalize customer relations according to their needs and preferences, thereby improving satisfaction rates and reinforcing the company's brand image.

What's more, our order tracking solution offers total availability during the delivery process. Customers can track the status of their order in real time, boosting their confidence and enhancing their overall experience.

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Digital marketing and customer relationship management: a winning combination for your sales strategy

By integrating our customer relationship management solution into your digital marketing strategy, you can optimize the entire customer journey. With our customer service software, you can collect valuable customer data and use it to improve your service and product offering.

Implementing an effective CRM strategy also enables you to optimize your digital marketing efforts. By better understanding your customers' needs and preferences, you can target your marketing actions more precisely, improving the return on investment of your sales and advertising campaigns.

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Customer service software that reinforces your brand image

Our customer management software offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that improves not only the efficiency of your customer service team, but also your company's image. A smooth user interface and seamless interaction with customers reinforce your corporate image and inspire confidence.

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An automated customer service solution coupled with artificial intelligence

The future ofcustomer care lies in artificial intelligence, and at Reecall, we're at the forefront of this technology. Our customer service software integrates the latest AI technologies to optimize customer care from order taking to order tracking and satisfaction surveys. From quickly identifying problems to suggesting solutions, AI delivers a level of automated, personalized and rapid customer service that impresses customers and encourages them to return.

Customer tracking is a crucial aspect of any CRM strategy. Our solution enables precise tracking of every customer, from the first interaction to the last. By tracking and analyzing these customer interactions, you can understand their needs, anticipate their expectations and create a business relationship that lasts.

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Guide your customers : Another advantage of our automated customer service solution

Our innovative customer service software not only facilitates interaction with customers, but also guides them strategically and effectively. Our software employs advanced technology to understand and anticipate customer needs, guiding each user to the information or products most relevant to them.

Whether it's helping a novice customer find the right product from a wide range of options, guiding them step-by-step through an optimized ordering process , or proactively answering their questions before they're even asked, our solution makes these interactions not only seamless but highly productive.

What's more, by providing personalized guidance, we reinforce the customer's sense of value. Every interaction with our customer service solution is designed to make the user feel understood and appreciated, helping to build brand loyalty and foster long-term business relationships.

Customer orientation via our automated service solution is not only a logistical necessity, but also a strategic opportunity to improve customer engagement, boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty. Our customer service software makes this not only possible, but also intuitive and efficient.

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