Automate incoming calls and reduce support costs. The Videofutur case.

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"The integration with Zendesk and Aircall allows for virtual agent customization for each caller. This is gold for customer service."

Aurélien Coutreau
Customer Service Manager

The Internet is an important part of our lives. It is used for work, school, entertainment and socializing. We are so dependent on the Internet that when it goes down, we feel cut off from the world. That's why ISPs invest a lot of money in their network to avoid downtime and maintain their customer base.

In spite of these efforts, the network may suffer from breakdowns. In this case, the priority is of course to restore the network, but it is also crucial to provide quick, easy-to-access and relevant information to customers to avoid frustration and impact customer satisfaction.

Vidéofutur like many access providers had for objective to inform in real time their customers while optimizing their costs of support. This company, part of the VITIS group, is a fiber optic virtual network operator (FVNO) that provides broadband and content services.

Aurélien Coutreau, Videofutur's Customer Service Director, wanted to be able to personalize messages for incoming calls from his various customers according to the state of the network in order to provide accurate, fast and localized information to his users.

Managing inbound calls is an increasingly automated process. Many companies are now using conversational AI, also called callbot or virtual agent, to manage their inbound calls, increasing customer service efficiency tenfold.

After having implemented innovative tools (zendesk for ticketing and Aircall for telephony) Videofutur wanted to bring performance to its telephony, i.e. to minimize incoming calls that would need an exchange with a human agent.

Reecall was then selected as the virtual agent or callbot of Videofutur to answer all incoming calls to qualify the requests and to make "call deflection".

This first use of Reecall already allowed the automation of incoming calls.

The second step consisted in integrating Zendesk data into Reecall so that the virtual agent could personalize its message according to the caller's geographical area. Thus, an incoming call from a zone where an internet outage is detected will have an automatic message about this outage and its resolution time. This allows to unclog the customer service and to delay the consumers' expectations.

This feature called "Collection" at Reecall is now one of the most used for virtual agent personalization.

Videofutur has finally connected its FAQ to help its customers to find the right information quickly.

"The integration with Zendesk and Aircall allows for virtual agent customization for each caller. This is gold for customer service."

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