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The best virtual agent integrated with the best VoIP

Aircall has selected Reecall as the virtual agent of choice for all its users

They use the Reecall integration

Why integrate Reecall with Aircall

in 1h

A quick set up and daily support to optimize your virtual agent

Performing right out of the box

Become available 24/7 from the moment you go online and automate up to 70% of your inbound calls

Connected to your tools

Reecall integrates with over 150 tools to monitor your performance in real time.

Guarantee the performance of your VoIP.

Become available 24/7 and never miss an incoming call. Your service will be available to handle incoming requests autonomously. Thanks to a unique integration with Aircall's API, Reecall is the only virtual agent that can perform contextualized transfers (inside card) or SIP redirections. Reecall is the intelligence brick to optimize your inbound calls. Our workflow allows you to go beyond the conversation thanks to our integrations (Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce...)

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The virtual agent connected to your tools

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Customized integration
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Configure Reecall with Aircall

1. How to start installing Reecall

From the Aircall marketplace, click on "install" to begin loading Reecall.

2. Register or login to your Reecall account
  • Already have a Reecall account? Login to it and go to step 5.
  • You don't have a Reecall account yet? Click on "I create my free account".

3. Setting up your account in creation

Please provide the following information: your first and last name, your company name and a phone number (from your Aircall account) that will be assigned to Reecall.

Click on "Summary of your free trial".

4. Activation of the Reecall account

Check your information with the summary.

Then click on "Activate my voice agent".

5. Adding the phone number in Aircall

Aircall asks you to validate the number you chose in step 3.

Click on "Add number".

6. Configuring your Reecall agent in Aircall

Automatic: Reecall will automatically perform the configuration in Aircall. Wait a few moments.

Manual: You must now choose the call transfer mode to the reecall agent, and finalize the configuration. Do it manually by following the instructions on the screen.